Size Guide

Watch Band Size Guide

Two-piece watch straps are measured by the width of the strap end that attaches to your watch. The strap width is always measured in millimeters (mm).


Step One: determine strap width

Method one: Measure the distance between the watch lugs in millimeters.

 is clearly indicated. If the size is identified and the strap fits well,ou can simply purchase the same size. 

Method two: Check the inside of your current strap to see if the size is clearly indicated. If the size is identified and the strap fits well, you can simply purchase the same size.

Step Two: d
etermine strap length

If you are concerned about fit, please take a few minutes to measure the length of your wrist and watch dial, which can figure out our our straps fit you or not. 

Available length

Min: Band length + Dail length

Max: Band length + Dail length

(You can find the min and the max band length in each product page.)